17 – 18 November 2021 FPP Phase 2 Cohort 1 Launch:

A high-powered official virtual engagement with the twenty-nine (29) participants took place on 17-18 November 2021 to orient the newly recruited scholars. The 29 participants were welcomed by Dr Kirti Menon who emphasised the purpose of the FPP in transforming the profile of academics in South Africa. The keynote address by UJ’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof Tshilidzi Marwala, focused on the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) on research. The programme was inaugurated by Dr Thandi Lewin, the Acting Deputy-Director General of University Education (DHET), who foregrounded the DHET’s commitment, through the University Capacity Development Programme (UCDP), to the FPP which is a prestigious flagship initiative. Prof Saurabh Sinha, DVC Research and Internationalisation at UJ, spoke on contextualising the journey to professorship, sharing insights and reflections on his own career. The next day participants shared their own experiences with the FPP phase 2 Academic Advisors, i.e., Professors Neo Morojele, Gert Van der Westhuizen and Everard Weber. Professors Chika Sehoole, Stella Nkomo, Jonathan Jansen and Himla Soodyall provided shared insights from their own experiences into the transformational changes required across the HE sector. 

Brown-Bag’ sessions

27 January 2022
Developing your Research Profile
Prof Thad Metz | Facilitation by Prof Kopano Ratele 

24 February 2022
Leveraging opportunities within the SA system to enhance research.

Prof Fulufhelo Nelwamondo – NRF CEO  

24 March 2022
Demystifying Research Profiles

Mr. Dale Towert  

26 May 2022
Research for Social Impact

Prof Salim S.Abdool Karim  

23 June 2022
Research for Social Impact

Prof Ruth Stewart 

28 June 2022
NRF Rating 

Prof Stella Nkomo 

28 July 2022
Strengthening the Scientific enterprise in South Africa to advance STEM 

Prof Daya Reddy 

22 September 2022
Demystifying the DHET submission of output process 

Mr Chief Mabizela 

28 September 2022
Writing for non-specialist audiences 

Prof Tawana Kupe