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The FPP aims to develop the future professoriate who can contribute to their disciplines, are intellectually vibrant and more responsive to society’s shifting needs.

Meet the FPP Phase 2 Team

Programme Director

Dr Kirti Menon

Academic Advisor

Prof Gert Van der Westhuizen

Academic Advisor

Prof Everard Weber

Academic Advisor

Dr Andrew Kaniki

Project Manager

Ms Meagan Strydom

Project Manager

Ms Angie Magabane

About the FPP Phase 2 programme

The objectives of the Future Professors programme are to:

Recruitment of promising senior lecturers onto a two-year programme. Black and women South Africa lecturers/ senior lecturers/ associate professors who are already showing signs of research and teaching leadership and employed in permanent positions in South African universities are prioritised for recruitment, in line with transformation imperatives in the sector. Provide participants with strong individualised and group mentoring support, specialised courses and an extended mobility opportunity abroad.

Prepare participants for professor positions and professorial duties through development in the scholarship of research, the scholarship of teaching and public scholarship at the level of professorial conduct

Ensure that participants are well prepared to compete successfully for professor positions at the end of the two-year programme participants are well prepared to compete successfully for professor positions at the end of the two-year programme and apply for NRF ranking at the appropriate level.

Holistic Development of a
Future Professors

The focus on mentoring, coaching and cohort collaboration is outlined below in the domains of Personal, Academic (Research & Teaching) and Leadership Development.


  • Mentoring
  • Group-cohort coaching
  • Identification of growth pathway
  • Themes will run through the whole programme: identity, wellness, collaboration, communication.

Academic Development

(Teaching & Research Development)

  • Minimum number of workshops from a choice provided (For example):
  • Teaching peer reviews and teaching portfolio workshop
  • Development of research portfolio
  • How to increase citations
  • How to publish and where to publish
  • Writing retreat


  • Exposure to A-rated scholars
  • Academic networking
  • National and International exposure – to established partnerships with national and international institutions
  • How to successfully apply and manage large international grants

Programme Content

  • Individual mentorship with an assigned mentor throughout the programme
  • Professional coaching – fortnightly check-ins and coaching sessions
  • A 12-part action-learning workshop series -12 days in total spread over two years
  • A leadership course customised for FPP by the Johannesburg Business School – 6 days spread over two years
  • 4 writing retreats @ 2 days- spread over the 2 years. Each writing retreat is restricted to 8 participants
  • allow for focused support of participants in the design and completion of a high-quality piece of work for future publication.
  • A 2 – 4 week international trip

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